Services Provided by Osborn Design Group
Services Provided by Osborn Design Group Osborn Design Group

Predesign | Feasibility Studies | Defining programmatic and operational objectives, quantify needs, analyze physical alternatives to address those needs.

Site Analysis and Master Planning | Identifying and analyzing functional relationships, expansion potential, ease of vehicular, pedestrian and service access, and cost and time required to implement development.

Existing Building Evaluations | Studying existing facilities and their systems to assess their efficiency in meeting the client's immediate and long-term objectives.

Space Programming | Establishing detailed project goals and objectives, functional and operational programs, and internal and external relationships; quantifying space requirements and room characteristics.

Project Budgeting and Scheduling | Assisting in the development of comprehensive and detailed project budgets and schedules. Our experience with designing buildings gives us an understanding of exactly what expertise will be required to successfully execute the project.

Design | The design process is really a decision making process, starting with very general ideas and ending with specifics. Initially, we start with a number of schematic options or alternatives and evaluate the pros and cons of each. After the direction of the project has been set, we begin the process of detailing the plan and developing it into a three dimensional builiding. Throughout the process we develop altenatives so that our clients can make decisions with a clear undestanding of the issues.

Construction Documents | As in the design phase, decisions are organized so that the issues are addressed at the right time. These issues include handicapped access, life safety structural systems, electrical and lighting requirements, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, computer cabling, intercom, building security and telephone requirements, exterior and interior finishes and cabinetwork. The final construction documents undergo a thorough review for accuracy and completeness before the Contractor begins the bidding process.

Contractor Selection | Sometimes the Client comes to us having already selected a Contractor, but more often, the Client doesn't have a preference. We can assist in the selection of a Contractor who is best suited to the particular project and client. Also, we can discuss the alternative methods of selecting a Contractor and the appropriate time to bring a Contractor into a project. Once the selection is made, we will prepare the Contractor/Owner Agreement.

Value Engineering | Osborn Design Group will work with the Owner and the Contractor to identify construction alternatives which may help to shorten construction time, improve project durability or save construction dollars.

Construction Administration | Many important decisions are made during construction. We have a comprehensive understanding of how the project came to be and how it holds together. During the construction phase, Osborn Design Group assists with timely responses to Contractor questions and clarifications. Submittals, shop drawings, and mock-ups are reviewed for compliance with the project specifications and the design intent of the working drawings. Our continued involvement during this phase is critical. Our typical construction administration services include regular job site meetings, follow-up meeting minutes, finding an alternative solution rather than a change order, leading a walkthrough at the end of the project, and review of the contractors requests for payment



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